Taylors of HarrogateWarm up with a taste of Scot­land

The very best blend of Assam and African teas with an inviting bright color and a full, rich flavor. We love it at break­fast time with a little milk.

All tea is eth­i­cally sourced from sus­tain­able tea gar­dens and they visit their growers reg­u­larly. Tay­lors of Har­ro­gate is an offi­cial sup­plier to the royal household.

For the per­fect cuppa tea, check out their brewing guide.

David Larson May 1962Pied­mont Gro­cery sends our thanks to the brave men and women who have served our country.

Happy Vet­erans Day.

Photo: David Larson, May 1962.


Christine’s Upper Crust Pies

November is Pie Month!*

Christine’s Upper Crust makes pies the way Mother did: lov­ingly by hand, and from scratch. They’re local (Marin-​​​​based), and made in small batches using authentic, quality ingre­di­ents with atten­tion to detail. She uses great recipes, so the crust is but­tery and flaky, and full of fresh fruit and berries.

Christine’s offers some of the best gluten-​​​​free pies avail­able, and you can pick up both wheat and gluten-​​​​free crusts in our freezer depart­ment to make your own.

Sure, there are lots of pumpkin and apple pies in our store, but check out the variety—it changes every day.

Want to make cer­tain you have the exact pie you want on Thanks­giving Day? Feel free to call us at (510) 653‑8181 to reserve your pie, and it will be ready to pick up.

*At least, we declare it so!

Image of Tom the ButcherFor more than 50 years, it’s been our goal to offer the very best prod­ucts we can find. Along the way, we cre­ated the tastiest takeout bar on the Avenue, expanded our inter­na­tional aisle to accom­mo­date new tastes, and helped usher in the Bay Area’s obses­sion with fresh, sea­sonal, local food.

We’re part gourmet gro­cery store. Yes, we carry things like truffle paste, fleur de sel and Umami Paste.

And we also stock the foods that your kids will eat. We never forget that we’re most of all a gro­cery store. We have cleaning prod­ucts, paper goods, baking sup­plies and even stock can­ning jars in the summer for our many cus­tomers who like to pre­serve the many fla­vors of summer produce.